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NG, CEO and Main Programmes

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Saturday, Nov 3
TIME Next Generation Session
SALON 107/107A
CEO Session
SALON 108/108A
11.30hrs Depart for Edmonton EXPO Centre
12.00hrs Buffet Lunch
13.00hrs Welcome
William Hyde and Aled Jones, Honorary Next Generation Facilitators
Welcome & Introductions
Greg Smith, CEO, Royal Norfolk Agricultural Association, UK. Convenor, CEO sessionsWelcome from Northlands
Gord Wilson, President, Northlands
13.30hrs Overview of the RASC
Michael Lambert, RASC Honorary Secretary
Let’s get on the business – “Our leadership challenges and how we are facing them”
Nigel Cushion, Chairman, Nelsonspirit, UK.Introductory keynote speech and feedback from CEO’s survey.
13.40hrs Welcome from Northlands
Laura Gadowsky, Deputy President, RASC
14.00hrs Ice-breaker games
14.15hrs “What has the RASC done for me?…” Around the world…regional roundup 1 – North America – led by Marla Calico, President and CEO, IAFE, USA.
14.45hrs Coffee/Tea Break
15.00hrs Keynote Session: Is food making the world smaller? Prof. David Hughes Emeritus Professor of Food Marketing at Imperial College London

Chair: Breyton Milford

Coffee/Tea Break
15.15hrs Leaders Inspire. But who inspires the Leaders? – Nigel Cushion.
Group work and plenary.
16.00hrs Around the world – regional roundup 2 – Australasia & Africa – led by Brendan Christou, CE RNA, Australia.
16.15hrs Daily Summary
William Hyde and Aled Jones
16.30hrs Depart for Chateau Lacombe
16.45hrs Daily Summary
Greg Smith & Nigel Cushion
17.00hrs Depart for Chateau Lacombe
18.10hrs Depart for Ernest’s
18.30hrs NG Dinner – Culinary Experience Ernest’s at NAIT
18.45hrs Depart for Government House
19.00hrs CEO Dinner – Government House
21.00hrs Depart for Chateau Lacombe
21.30hrs Depart for Chateau Lacombe
Sunday, Nov 4
IMPORTANT: Please note that Daylight Savings Time ends today and clocks turn back 1 hour at 2 a.m. Sunday morning.
TIME Next Generation Session
Morning session takes place at the U of A and then moves to Edmonton EXPO Centre, Salons 107/107A
CEO Session
SALON 108/108A
08.30hrs NG’s Depart for U of A CEO’s Depart for Edmonton EXPO Centre
09.00hrs Post Secondary Symposium hosted by University of Alberta in conjunction with Lakeland College & Olds College Welcome & recap on day 1 – Greg Smith & Nigel Cushion


Following a recap of day one of the conference, Greg will introduce “In the Business” which will highlight themes of education and supporting agriculture along with the opening keynote speaker.
09.05hrs Theme: Drivers shaping agriculture and food

Plenary Speaker: Stanford F. Blade, PhD, PAg
Faculty of Agricultural, Life & Environmental Sciences

Round Table Discussions


Around the world – regional roundup 3 – UK (incl Europe) – led by Christine Knipe, CE Westmorland Agricultural Association, UK and RASC Trustee.
10.30hrs Coffee/Tea Break
10.45hrs Leading in the Future – Nigel Cushion. Group work & Plenary


What will the future look like? In this session, Nigel will explore the important aspects in “Leading in the Future” – the questions we ask and the actions we take away.
12.45hrs Depart U of A for Edmonton EXPO Centre
11.45hrs Lunch presented by University of Alberta, Faculty of ALES Buffet Lunch
13.00hrs RASC Does TED talks
1. Will Prichard, Farming People – A most difficult species2. Matt Moreau, Earth Water – How a little can go a long way


This session covers the challenges of existing as a social enterprise in a market dominated by Coca-Cola, Pepsi, & Nestle. Using innovative marketing tactics and a dogged tenacity in constantly sharing their story, Kori and Matt have grown the company from its humble beginnings into an example of how WFP perceives fundraising can be accomplished in the future. The Earth Group believes that it is more important today how you spend your dollars than how you vote. This talk will shed light on the unique business model Kori and Matt have created, and how they have become the change they wish to see in the world.
3. Rebecca Dawes – Rural Youth Project – Rural challenges and opportunities young people4. Dr. Briana Lutz BSc, ND – Let them eat dirt | Connecting soil biology to your gut5. Katie Young, Klondike Kettle Corn – Popping into
action6. John Bennett – Wisdom from those who have gone before
In the business topic(s) 1: Education – led by Chris Riddle, CEO Royal Cornwall Agricultural Association, UK and RASC Trustee
Margaret Clark (Mags)
Executive Director
Border Union Agricultural Society
14.00hrs In the business topic(s) 2: Supporting agriculture – led by Johan Ehlers, CE, Agriexpo, South Africa and RASC Trustee
14.45hrs Coffee/Tea Break
15.00hrs Case Studies on Canadian Agri Youth Initiatives
Chair: Emily Craven
Speakers: Evan Jamison, Premier Award Recipient 4H Alberta
Danielle Lee, Canadian Young Farmers Forum President
Coffee/Tea Break
15.15hrs In the business – panel session and next steps
15.45hrs NG Understanding & Assistance Mission Report: Report on the 2017 Mission to South Africa
Speaker: Breyton Milford
Keynote Speaker
Strategic Perspectives for Agricultural Societies: Dr. Reinhard Grandke, CEO Deutsche Landwirtschafts-Gesellschaft (German Agricultural Association)


Reinhard will set the scene with a brief introduction to the DLG and then focus on the future roles of agricultural associations and societies, the importance of networks, and collaborative models for knowledge exchange.
16.15hrs Daily Summary
William Hyde and Aled Jones
16.45hrs Depart for Chateau Lacombe
16.45hrs Q&A and daily summary
17.00hrs Depart for Chateau Lacombe
All Delegates Welcome!
17.00hrs – 19. 00hrs Meet and Greet Reception
Chateau Lacombe, Bellamy’s
Evening Self-hosted dinner
Monday, Nov 5
TIME Next Generation Session CEO Session LOCATION
08.30hrs Depart for Edmonton EXPO Centre – NG’s and CEO’s Chateau Lacombe
09.00hrs Welcome
Joint Sessions – CEO With NG Delegates
Salon 108/108A
09.10hrs Particles collide – what have we learnt? Salon 108/108A
09.40hrs Coming together across the generations, across the world – what can we learn? Salon 108/108A
10.15hrs Coffee/Tea Break Conference Foyer
10.30hrs Coming together across the generations, across the world – facing the future together Salon 108/108A
11.30hrs Wrap up and close session Salon 108/108A
11.30hrs Main Conference Delegates – Buses depart for Edmonton EXPO Centre From Chateau Lacombe
Main Conference Begins
12.00hrs Buffet Lunch presented by Alberta Beef Producers Conference Centre Foyer
13.30hrs Conference Emcee: Dianne Finstad Ballroom 105 – 106
13.35hrs Welcome & Opening Remarks
The Rt Hon Lord Vestey DL
Ballroom 105 – 106
13.40hrs Welcome
Her Honour, the Honourable Lois E. Mitchell, CM, AOE, LLD, Lieutenant Governor of Alberta
Ballroom 105 – 106
13.55hrs Welcome on behalf of Host Society
Laura Gadowsky, Deputy President, RASC
Ballroom 105 – 106
14.00hrs Opening Keynote Speaker
Robert Saik The Agriculture Manifesto


Understanding agriculture, understanding our future. With the world having more mouths to feed and fewer resources to do it, Robert will cover the forces that he believes will drive the future of agriculture.
Ballroom 105 – 106
15.00hrs Coffee/Tea Break Conference Centre Foyer
15.30hrs Plenary

Innovation and progress in a national agricultural association – how the DLG is tackling the challenges.
Dr. Reinhard Grandke, CEO Deutsche Landwirtschafts-Gesellschaft


This session will explore the strategic perspectives for agricultural societies including the strategies to approach a global network.
Ballroom 105 – 106
16.25hrs Daily Conclusion
Emcee: Dianne Finstad
Ballroom 105 – 106
16.30hrs Buses depart for Chateau Lacombe From Edmonton EXPO Centre
18.45hrs Opening Dinner presented by The City of Edmonton Chateau Lacombe Ballroom
21.30hrs Conclusion of Opening Dinner Chateau Lacombe Ballroom
Tuesday, Nov 6
09.00hrs Buses depart for Edmonton EXPO Centre From Chateau Lacombe
10.00hrs Opening of the Main Conference
Government of Alberta Welcome – Hon. Oneil Carlier, Minister of Agriculture
Ballroom 105 – 106
10.15hrs RASC President’s Reply
HRH, The Princess Royal
Ballroom 105 – 106
10.30hrs Address
The Rt Hon Patricia Scotland QC, Secretary-General of the Commonwealth
Ballroom 105 – 106
11.00hrs Coffee/Tea Break Conference Centre Foyer
11.30hrs Concurrent Session

Bees, Berries, Bars & Beer – How Next Generation entrepreneurs are shaping agriculture.
Moderator: Leona Watson
Lee Townsend, TPLR Honey Farms Ltd
Andrew Rosychuk, Rosy Farms
Colleen Dyck, Gorp World
Matt Hamill, Red Shed Malting


This session will hear stories of young entrepreneurs who used their passion for agriculture, leadership capabilities and perseverance to get themselves to where they are at today.
Salon 107/107A
Concurrent Session

Regional Planning – Regional Agriculture Master Plan (RAMP)
Moderator – Leanne Hedberg – SPHR, MBA
Sharon Shuya, Director Regional Growth Planning, Edmonton Metro
Councillor Michael Walters, City of Edmonton, Regional Agriculture Master(RAMP) Plan Vice Chair
Chair Mayor Alana Hnatiw, Sturgeon County, RAMP Task force


A Case Study on one regions approach to ensuring the wise management of prime agriculture resources and balancing the competing interests of urban land use and agriculture.
Salon 108/108A
13.00 hrs Buffet Lunch presented by Calgary Stampede Conference Centre Foyer
14.00hrs Concurrent Session

Management Show Topic: Event Operations from Gate to Garbage and Crowds to Cows; managing the complexity of agriculture events.
Moderator – Laura Gadowsky
Ian Sanderson, Northlands Director of Operations
Lucinda Ross, RAS of NSW
Tracy Gardner, Olds Regional Exhibition


The preparations and plans for executing an event of any size are immense. This session will offer insight into the management and organization of both people and livestock while maintaining safety throughout the event lifecycle.
Salon 108/108A
Concurrent Session

Innovative Agriculture Topic: How today’s technology is supporting food security both locally and globally.
Moderator – William Hyde
Colin Bergstrom, Martin Deerline
Sonny Gray, North Star Agriculture
Michael Latimer, Canadian Beef Breeds Council


The exploration of agriculture technology is essential in both current and future practices. This session will feature some of the latest technologies as well highlight how some of the most remote communities are using technology.
Salon 107/107A
15.30 hrs Coffee/Tea Break Conference Centre Foyer
16.00 hrs Plenary

The Future of Special Event Security in a New World and a Look back at the 2010 Vancouver Olympics
Bud Mercer, Past Chief Operating Officer for the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic & Paralympic Games Integrated Security Unit


This presentation will take a look back at the planning process for the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver and Whistler. What worked and what didn’t? How has our world changed since 2010 and what have we learned? What does this mean for future major event planning?
Ballroom 105 – 106
16.55hrs Daily Conclusion Ballroom 105 – 106
17.00hrs Depart for Chateau Lacombe From Edmonton EXPO Centre
Free Evening
Wednesday, Nov 7
08.00hrs Depart for Edmonton EXPO Centre From Chateau Lacombe
09.00hrs Welcome Ballroom 105 – 106
09.05hrs Plenary Speaker

McDonald’s Journey to Beef Sustainability in Canada
Jeffery Fitzpatrick-Stilwell, Senior Manager McDonald’s Canada


Sustainability is something of a watchword these days, but when it comes to beef, what does it actually mean? That’s a question McDonald’s asked themselves when they made a commitment to source all their food and packaging from sustainable sources. Finding the answer to that question became a mission for Jeffrey Fitzpatrick-Stilwell, senior manager of sustainability for McDonald’s. To do that, McDonald’s partnered with ranchers and organizations across the Canadian beef value chain in a McDonald’s Canada Verified Sustainable Beef Pilot Project. The purpose of the pilot was to create a framework for verifying that beef is produced, through all parts of the production chain from farm to fork, in a manner that is environmentally sound, socially responsible and economically viable. Gain insight on the lessons learned from the pilot project and where McDonald’s hopes to go from here.
Ballroom 105 – 106
10.00hrs Coffee/Tea Break Conference Centre Foyer
10.30hrs Concurrent Session

Education Show Topic: A New Age of Learning through innovation and building partnerships.
Moderator – Chris Riddle
Lindsey Verhaeghe, Nutrien Journey 2050
Terry Godwaldt, Executive Director Centre for Global Education
Katrina Barclay, Royal Highland Education Trust


Learn about various agriculture education initiatives, including Nutrien Journey 2050 and Centre for Global Education, as well as how industry partnerships foster education.
Salon 108/108A
Concurrent Session

Social License Agriculture Topic: Creating an Agriculture Movement through raising awareness and achieving acceptance. #AgMoreThanEver
Moderator – Josie Van Lent
Lesley Kelly, High Heels & Canola Fields
Aimée Ferré Stang, Farm Credit Canada
Kevin Kossowan, From the Wild


Agriculture advocacy fosters the agriculture movement and industry empowerment. Through these active agriculture advocates, learn how to raise awareness about agriculture as the global trend of Ag-vocacy continues.
Salon 107/107A
12.00hrs Buffet Lunch Conference Centre Foyer
13.00hrs Concurrent Session

Agritainment Panel Presentation
Keeping the crowds entertained and coming back for more.
Moderator – Will Prichard
Kenny Eng, Kranji Countryside Association, Singapore
Dina Sutherland, Calgary Stampede
Tim Carson, Alberta Association of Agricultural Societies


When agriculture and entertainment join together, you get Agritainment. This session will explore how agriculture shows and societies continue to engage, entertain and connect people with agriculture.
Salon 108/108A
Concurrent Session

Food Security – “Feeding the world one family at a time – The evolving issue of agriculture, hunger, and poverty and how communities are addressing food security”
Moderator – Hani Quan, Senior Planner City of Edmonton
Councilor Aaron Paquette, City of Edmonton
Jerry Bouma – Agriculture Consultant, Toma & Bouma Management
Dr. Stan Blade, Professor and Dean, Faculty of Agriculture, Life and Environmental Sciences, University of Alberta
Amanda Klarer – Responsible Farming Program Manager, Marcatus QED


Feeding the world one family at a time. The evolving issue of agriculture, hunger and poverty and how communities are addressing food security.
Salon 107/107A
14.40hrs Coffee/Tea Break Conference Centre Foyer
15.00hrs Plenary

Turning Up the Volume: Rebuilding Consumer Trust in Food & Farming
Cherilyn Nagel, Farm & Food Care


Consumers are so curious about the food they eat and serve to their families. They have questions and are often getting answers from the wrong sources. Cherilyn will share the importance of farmers sharing their stories and engaging in the conversation about agriculture today can help! Everyone must “get louder.”
Ballroom 105 – 106
15.55hrs Daily Conclusion Ballroom 105 – 106
16.00hrs Departure for Chateau Lacombe From Edmonton EXPO Centre
18.30hrs Buses depart for Edmonton EXPO Centre From Chateau Lacombe
19.00hrs Taste of Canada Gala Dinner, Edmonton EXPO Centre Ballroom 101 – 104
22.00hrs Departure for Chateau Lacombe From Edmonton EXPO Centre
Thursday, Nov 8
08.00hrs Buses depart for Edmonton EXPO Centre From Chateau Lacombe
09.00hrs Welcome Ballroom 105 – 106
09.05hrs Closing Keynote

I’m Farming & I Grow It: An Agvocating Success Story
Greg & Kendal Peterson, Peterson Farm Bros


This closing keynote will not only highlight the power of social media within the agriculture industry but may also feature an agriculture parody or two!
Ballroom 105 – 106
10.00hrs Conference Group Photograph Conference Centre Foyer
10.30hrs Coffee/Tea Break Conference Centre Foyer
10.45hrs NG Report
Aled Jones & Will Hyde, RASC Next Generation Facilitators
Ballroom 105 – 106
11.05hrs Conference Summary
John Bennett, RAS New South Wales
Ballroom 105 – 106
11.15hrs 29th Commonwealth Agriculture Conference Presentation
Royal Norfolk Agricultural Association Sir Nicholas Bacon
Ballroom 105 – 106
11.25hrs 30th Commonwealth Agricultural Conference Presentation
Agri-Expo, Western Cape, South Africa Johan Ehlers
Ballroom 105 – 106
11.35hrs Closing Ceremonies
Closing Remarks – Northlands Closing Remarks – The Rt Hon Lord Vestey DL
Ballroom 105 – 106
12.00hrs Buffet Lunch Conference Centre Foyer
13.00hrs Delegates depart or attend Farmfair International Edmonton EXPO Centre
20.30hrs Depart for Chateau Lacombe after attending Farmfair International From Edmonton EXPO Centre